The dishonest, pathetic & cultish origin of BCF/MCF's paralytic teachings

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Paul Kovaks
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The dishonest, pathetic & cultish origin of BCF/MCF's paralytic teachings

Post by Paul Kovaks » Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:47 pm

I've thought about this a lot, and this is where the dishonesty & cultishness originated (in the post 1992 Vic Hall phase):

It was that the requirement to 'hear the messenger' (at threat of losing salvation) WAS NEVER PUT IN CONTEXT: WHAT WAS IT?

Was it prophecy?
What gave the messenger this 'sight'?
Did they have to seek this sight in prayer for the congregation member? Everytime? For how long?
Did every leader have this?
For what issues?
How often? On demand?

If it is prophecy it must be tested, according to Scripture.
But when did this sick, lunatic, 'judging by the cover of the book' so-called 'sight' of the elders ever get tested?

The sick messenger/naming teaching of 1992-present was patched together from so many different verses that we didn't know what it was. When you put it all together it seemed to make sense. But it was a MANUFACTURED doctrine that is NOT DEMONSTRATED IN PRACTICE anywhere in the gospels or Acts or epistles.

So it was submit to this untested new idea and don't worry about the consequences because God will honour you. But God can't endlessly honour stupidity and ungodly presumption.

Ultimately us men had to submit all our plans to these cult leaders or else go to hell. And women consulted their husbands and older women in the same way.

But there was NOT ONE example of a leader counselling a man in this way in the Bible.

So where did it come from?

BCF/MCF was alway worrying about 'dead works'.
Doing things that God hadn't told you to.

From that ONE Scripture on repentance from dead works (Heb 6) Vic built an ENTIRE cult theology.

It was inspired by
* 'faith comes by hearing' (but hearing what? The Word. The gospel of salvation OR advice on our daily choices?)
* we are to obey leaders (but about what? Godly living and sin OR about our choice of career, ministry, business and hobbies?)
* the idea that elders (like the beasts in Revelation) had many 'eyes' = sight
* Jesus advice to the Rich Young Ruler (to give up all)
* Jesus advice to take up our cross
* Zechariah's example of piercing in the house of his friends and the farmer being told he was a farmer not a prophet (that one hugely influenced Vic IMO, so we had endless sessions with elders telling us what we were and weren't)
* headship, where elders were supposedly the 'face of Christ' to men (nowhere actually stated in Scripture!)

Vic turned it all into a 'Gospel of You' (their words, not mine amazingly). God tailors the word for each of us and it's from the messenger and if you ignore it or miss it you're gone. So you got scare-mongering into doing everything your elder told you.

It is just so pathetic and horrifying that such a list of examples was patched into this devastating teaching that gave elders the power to paralyse and judge people for decades. On top of that came the authority to punish disobedience with shunning and bannings and family breakups.

I am just so sad for those in there that can't see how sick and abusive their teachings are.
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Faith Hopegood
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Re: The dishonest, pathetic & cultish origin of BCF/MCF's paralytic teachings

Post by Faith Hopegood » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:30 am

thank you for an excellent summary of this faulty theology and implementation Paul.

I was listening to a chapel sermon the other day that focussed on how to identify False Teachers and False teachings.
One of the criteria of identifying possible false teachings was an uneven focus on what Word they preach and that they preach a gospel based around a couple of selected cherry picked scriptures rather than preaching a broad gospel.

For example, if the leader or group preach the word and have a particular unbalanced focus on a particular scripture and don't preach a balanced gospel, then you have a pretty good indicator they are a false teacher. I will go through and summarise what was said in this particular sermon on identifying false teachers so it is available for all to see and we can all see the error of the Christian Fellowship teachings.

Paul, in the case of the Christian Fellowship, you have correctly identified an example of their false teaching. They have built their whole belief system, theology and administration around a single concept and scripture - the messenger, the star messenger, elders are the face of christ to the congregation members, etc. This is also an indicator of heretical gnostic teaching.

Have you seen how much they navel gaze and introspect and focus nearly exclusively on the doctrine of suffering? There is no balance in their teachings where we can truly rejoice in Christ's redemptive work, forgiveness of sin and salvation. Vic and his ilk have removed all joy from the false gospel they teach. The objective of the false BCF/MCF gospel is to keep people under control.

Vic Hall and his predecessors have followed a very dangerous pathway that is leading people astray and away from the basic solid foundation of what Christ taught in the gospels.

Paul Kovaks
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Re: The dishonest, pathetic & cultish origin of BCF/MCF's paralytic teachings

Post by Paul Kovaks » Mon Jun 03, 2019 5:56 pm

FHG, I fully agree.

The lack of balance was just getting us down in the 1990s.

I and a few others brought it to the elders and they simply stated they were sticking to the 'fathered word'.

At that stage in the mid to late 1990s we still thought this was the next move of God. The 'administration for the fullness of times'. Because there were some very good things about MCF/BCF we stuck it out until 2016 unfortunately when we became convinced the whole thing was a sham due to lack of fruit, balance and accountability, and ultimately their COMPLETE lack of interest in demonstrating it was consistent with the Bible.

To stay required believing that there was some really cryptic way of interpreting the Bible that only VIc understood. But even Jesus coming was fully forewarned and often explained in the OT in plain speaking, not just in symbolism. And was revealed to MANY people.

But Vic had us believing that the next move of God (BCF/MCF) would bring in the end of the age, and was the fulfilment of the Feast of Tabernacles but had no plain explanation in Scripture. It was all hidden in strange verses in Zechariah and Revelation. And strange interpretations of the life of Abraham and the words of the epistles.

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Re: The dishonest, pathetic & cultish origin of BCF/MCF's paralytic teachings

Post by surprisedbyjoy » Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:07 pm

Ha!!! Fathered word. What!!!??? Do they realise who their father was? Jackson the Predator and Conqueror!

No surprises here though. I suppose that's exactly what progeny that type of fathering produces

And what an absolute joke, fraud and insult to intelligent creation! That 99.9% of us would have to rely on the 0.1% with the extra Messenger chromosome! Pass me the bucket!!!!

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