5 Indicators of an Evil Heart

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5 Indicators of an Evil Heart

Post by Thanomere84 »

This article inspired me.

http://www.crosswalk.com/faith/spiritua ... n=cwupdate

Vic, I think it's time we called you out for who you are. You're no mere 'sinful heart', lost in the maze of temptations this world has to offer. I name you for what your heart is - AN EVIL HEART.

Admit it, you tyrant - you're a control freak. You use smooth talk and deceptive yet expertly-spun philosophical yarn to take in countless innocent and well-meaning souls. Yet once you've taken them in, you want to be the ONLY figure of authority in their lives. You will tolerate no one's words of authority or direction save your own. You will always insist that the words of your mouth are God-given at any and every opportunity. You boast, you belligerently insist, you push, you shove, you corner... all for the purpose of making sure everyone else steps aside to make room for you.

When it comes to needing kindness or prayers or support, you hastily ask for lots of it... but have you ever dispensed of it freely or with genuine empathy, to anyone who has asked of it from you, without any agenda or motive for personal gain? I highly doubt so. And I know full well, the 5th indicator - how clearly it showed, that you had absolutely no conscience, no second thoughts, no qualms, not the slightest hint of a compunction, when you went all out for my blood and trashed me, as well as sending David Falk over for a second round of (verbal) public castigation. AND ALL THE WHILE YOU KEPT UP YOUR DISGUSTING FACADE OF BEING A 'MESSENGER'. Some 'messenger' you are, you child of the pit!

You always hope you'll get away with it - that there'll be no consequences. I'm here to remind you, you old torturer you... that I'M STILL HERE TO CALL YOU OUT ON WHAT YOU DID. I haven't forgotten. Forgiven, I had to, by the direction of God's Word. But oh no, I'm not forgetting, and I must call you out, if anything, because I owe it to all those whom I misled to become fanatical idol-worshippers of YOU. I owe it to them, to open their eyes, to see what you truly are.

Whether or not you change is another question... but as long as you are who you are... I will continue to draw the picture of you - which is a picture of EVIL.

Elders and workers of the xCFs! Know this - you too are partakers of this evil. If you don't change, you too are keeping a wicked heart within you.
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Re: 5 Indicators of an Evil Heart

Post by Paul Kovaks »

Everything I have seen of XCFs and Vic Hall are consistent with Than's accusation as much as I hate to say it. And I was a defender of Vic 100 times.

It was agenda and control driven.

It was one way love (from us).

It was self seeking.

It never, ever looked like the book of Acts.

It's nowhere to be found in the BIble.
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Re: 5 Indicators of an Evil Heart

Post by Wendy »

Brilliant article, Than. Thanks for sharing.
It describes Ray Jackson Snr incredibly accurately.
Did Vic learn from the master or were they just peas in a pod?
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