I STILL am NOT going to be silenced!

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I STILL am NOT going to be silenced!

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Streetcar is back! And since Streetcar is back, I feel that once again, the message that I made so loud and clear to the 'elders' last time, needs to be made clear once again.

To all of you 'elders' at the various CFs across South East Asia, Indonesia and Australia, Streetcar's up and running again. Worried now, are you? Well, what I said last time still holds, and while I am not in so much of a mood for war and battle as I was the last time this testimony went up, you will find that I still wish to put it up here, because the core point of this testimony still stands - that you will NOT shut my mouth as I continue to speak against the evil of Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall and his empire of evil a.k.a. RFI and the xCFs.

I have been spending a fair amount of time thinking and composing this statement. And I think it's about time you heard from me about what I think about all of you, and what I think you need to know, ever since you decided it would be a matter of sport for you to make me your little rag-doll to tear, pull and toss about as you liked.

Let me tell you something. I once was greatly admiring and in fact envious of the supposedly great rapport you had among each other. I looked upon each and every one of you as ministers of God, with great capacity for His ministry and ability to help to build His administration here on this world. And this goes out to you especially, Vic Hall. Hear me carefully. I once thought you had true revelations from God - keyword here being 'THOUGHT' and 'HAD'. I have now realised that this particular thought of mine was really quite misguided, but more on that later. I thought all of you 'elders' were in your positions and in your ministries because of your integrity, your honesty and your upright standing as good and honest men and women in the church.

Everytime I heard of one of your group being dismissed on some trumped-up charge, I never used to think that it was a trumped-up charge. You all had a way of being convincing with your congregations, to weave all kinds of spin to make it look like you were the innocent victims, instead of being the gleeful tramplers on the REAL victims. I believed the ABC Four Corners expose to be nothing more than a malicious lie at the time of its release, and I believed everyone in that expose to be nothing more than either jealous or bitter ex-members. Now, oh how great my awakening has been, and how great my respect is to them for being those who dared to speak out! Who dared to voice out openly what they thought of your cruelty, your gangster-like behaviours, your elitism and brutal bullying!

Well - many are the men, good or not so good, that you have thrown down, cast out and proceeded to trample on with reckless abandon, believing you had robbed them of their will to fight back. Well, maybe some of them would keep quiet. But I won't. I am NOT going to be silenced, even though your big man Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall proceeded to smear me as a rebel, and teach his sycophants here in Malaysia how to defame me and ruin my reputation! I am NOT going to be silenced, even with all the long-winded lectures and urgings to 'repent' and 'cease my rebelliousness' coming from those selfsame sycophants and shoe shiners! I will speak out, for the sake of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have been misled and misguided by your fiendish spins and devious misinterpretations!

So let me put it to your face what your head honcho actually is. What Vic 'the Vicious Hall' Hall actually is. He is a power-hungry megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to preserve his self-constructed image of 'God's Apostle' and 'Aggelos messenger'. He has stated so, and I have heard it personally mentioned in front of me BY HIM. He will hesitate at nothing to sever friendships and destroy long-standing companions, all in the interest of centralising power towards himself, and his carefully-constructed network of 'elders' - the same network which I am now addressing. Do not think you are safe, or secure, just because you have known him for long. I have known him ALL of my life - all 31 years of it, and when he decided he was going to axe me, slander me, trample on me, turn more than two-thirds of my Christian friends against me, and ruin my reputation as well as my financial standing and my life, he absolutely DID NOT HESITATE to do so.

If you dare to say that what he was doing was within his rights as an 'apostle', allow me to highlight a few verses from the Bible to you - Old and New Testament alike.

Proverbs 16:28 A perverse man causes strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.
Proverbs 28:25 The proud in soul stirs up strife, but he who is trusting on Jehovah shall be abundantly satisfied.
Galatians 6:1 Brothers, if a man is overtaken in some deviation, you, the spiritual ones, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness, considering yourself, that you not also be tempted.
1Thessalonians 5:14 And we exhort you, brothers, to warn the disobedient ones, comfort those that are fainthearted, cleave to the ones being weak, be long-suffering towards all.

Your vaunted network, your so-called 'Restoration Fellowships' has separated close friends and even in some cases, ripped up FAMILIES. This doesn't seem like restoration, it seems like devastation! What sort of restoration do you call that?! How do you account for Vic throwing one person after another out - even so many who were once close to him, whom he called 'friend'? Consider the verses from Proverbs. And Vic has proven more than willing to fire and dismiss people left and right for matters as serious as corruption and embezzlement, to matters as trivial as a disagreement in opinion, or standing up to express a thought that he did not like! Does this match up to the instructions provided in Galatians 6:1? Restore such a one in the spirit of MEEKNESS. I have seen no such meekness in the entire network when it comes to dealing with elders or workers who have done anything wrong, be it a light or heavy offense. The hammer comes down and it comes down hard. No meekness - only haughtiness. The same applies for my own supposed 'sin' - rebelliousness or disobedience. That verse in 1 Thessalonians states to WARN the disobedient ones. It did not say 'cast them out and humiliate them', it said clearly, WARN them.

All of you seem to really pay attention to the parts of the Bible that deal with penalties and punishments fondly, while conveniently disregarding, or dare I say, deliberately disregarding the parts concerning dealing with those who have strayed or committed misdeeds in a spirit of MEEKNESS. Things like warning, comforting, supporting, these do not ever come easily to you people, do they? Well, I've told you what I thought here, and let me make it clear right here, right now - I will NOT CEASE TO TELL YOU ALL WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOU, until and unless you have sought God and overcome these horrible things eating away at your vaunted 'administration'.

So, this is my open and frank speech to all of you. I am NOT afraid of you, and I am NOT going to be silenced!
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